Vionaro V8. Slim Drawer System.

6   Vionaro V8. Slim Drawer System. V8 Vionaro V8. Colours and surfaces. Standard In addition to the highly successful premium-quality standard surfaces, we also offer several novel effect surfaces that reflect current home trends. Warm colours, fine textures, matt sheen – these new specialty colours allow styling principles to be carried through to the cabinet interior as well as providing an unprecedented tactile experience. Touching these surfaces is a sensation you won’t forget. Our goal was to create a unique palette of novel effect surfaces that enable what we refer to as sustainable motion design to become reality. The harmonious interplay of form, function, aesthetic effect and sustainability. ZIRCON [standard] Dark, warm surfaces reflect the zeitgeist. And they convey a sense of comfort. Zircon is also an extremely unobtrusive colour that leaves more space for other details. The mineral quality and the subtly shimmering, matt surface will fascinate you. Stone, as the symbol of eternity, as a statement of timelessness, as a natural force that seems to withstand all external influences, provided the inspiration for the name of this very popular colour. The natural purity of ice and snow, their unique way of reflecting light and their fine surface structure all inspired us to create the colour ICE. This elegant colour neutralises, creates clarity and enlivens. STONE [standard] ICE [standard]