Vionaro V8. Slim Drawer System.

7   IMAGE-SEITEN Sustainable surfaces for the drawers of tomorrow. Specialty From shimmering metallic Platinum to cosy warm Cocoa – the unique effect surfaces make the world more colourful and open up new possibilities in furniture styling. This is all the more important because drawers have long become emotional and individual design components that are increasingly oriented towards the style and aesthetics of the cabinet they bring to life. NERO [extended range] COCOA [extended range] PLATINUM [extended range] Vionaro V8 and the new specialty surface Platinum harmonise in a very particular way. The subtly shimmering metallic quality of the coating gives the slim drawer sides a timeless elegance. It goes without saying that all GRASS surfaces also fulfil a protective function, that they are hard-wearing, scratch-proof and resilient to household chemicals. Our surfaces are continuously optimised and tested far beyond industry standards. That’s something you can rely on.