Vionaro V8. Slim Drawer System.

5   IMAGE-SEITEN V8 Load capability is not a question of build. Despite its slim build, Vionaro V8 is nonetheless a force to be reckoned with. The fact that the extremely slim and elegant V8 drawer is able to transform the huge forces created when opening and closing high-front drawers into a smooth glide is the distinguishing feature of Vionaro V8. The Slim Drawer System ensures maximum stability even with fronts of up to 780 mm in height. The slim 8-millimetre front panels of the Vionaro V8 inset drawer round off the look of the monolithic drawer sides. A particularly harmonious solution is achieved with the new glass inset panel, which ensures that the proportions of the glass drawer continue through to the drawer front. Less is more. More compact, slimmer, lighter – the trend towards increasingly more efficient product solutions is more relevant than ever. The design principle of “reducing to the max” has seldom been so consistently applied than with Vionaro V8. The Slim Drawer Systemmarks the beginning of a new age in drawers. Vionaro V8 follows an uncompromisingly dogmatic design line: sides, back and inset panels – all elements are exactly 8 millimetres thick and meld into one harmonious total work of art.