Vionaro V8. Slim Drawer System.

78 Page references  ORDER INFORMATION Tavinea Sorto length divider Piece NL Ice Stone Zircon 350 F007132939 F007130102 F007132940 400 F007132941 F007130106 F007132942 450 F007132943 F007130110 F007132944 500 F007132945 F007130114 F007132946 550 F007132947 F007130118 F007132948 600 F007132949 F007130122 F007132950 650 F007132951 F007130126 F007132952 3 Tavinea Sorto B276 Piece NL Ice Stone Zircon 400 F007132913 F007130050 F007132914 450 F007132915 F007130054 F007132916 500 F007132917 F007130058 F007132918 550 F007132919 F007130062 F007132920 600 F007132921 F007130066 F007132922 650 F007132923 F007130070 F007132924 2 Tavinea Sorto B186 Piece NL Ice Stone Zircon 350 F007132925 F007130074 F007132926 400 F007132927 F007130078 F007132928 450 F007132929 F007130082 F007132930 500 F007132931 F007130086 F007132932 550 F007132933 F007130090 F007132934 600 F007132935 F007130094 F007132936 650 F007132937 F007130098 F007132938 1 TAVINEA SORTO Interior accessory system Drawer sides 16 Slides 30 Inset panels 40 Steel back panels 54 Accessories 80 Sensomatic 89 Assembly technology 109 Assembly aids 116 • Perfect organisation inside drawers for cutlery and small sundry items • High-quality frame and length dividers made of powder-coated steel • Innovative anti-slip pads ensure that the frames stay in place Notice: • Tavinea Sorto fits 8 mm back panel thickness • Inside drawer depth varies depending on the thickness of the back panel • Tavinea Sorto B186 can be used for cabinet width 300 and above • Tavinea Sorto B276 can be used for cabinet width 400 and above