Vionaro V8. Slim Drawer System.

77 Dividing and organising systems Description Page Tavinea Sorto Interior accessory system • Modular interior accessory system • Perfect organisation inside drawers for cutlery and small sundry items • High-quality frames and length dividers made of powder-coated steel 78 Tavinea Sorto Accessories • The perfect accessories for any application • Knives, spice jars, foil rolls, cutlery or even perfume — with Tavinea Sorto accessories, everything is perfectly sorted • High-quality materials: aluminium and solid wood 80 Tavinea Sorto Planning dimensions 82 Tavinea Optima Dividing system • Dividing system for pot drawers • Organisation of storage space making everything visible at a glance • Simple, tool-free assembly 84 Vionaro V8 Divider railing and longitudinal divider • Divider railing for all Vionaro V8 regular and pot drawers • Easy assembly by mounting on the drawer side • Can be retrofitted at any time • Tool-free adjustment 86 Organising, dividing, fitting out – useful aids for organising storage space.