Vionaro V8. Slim Drawer System.

98 Page references  SENSOMATIC Single drawer back panel frame set mounting Drawer sides 14 Slides 30 Inset panels 40 Steel back panels 54 Organising systems 77 Installation instructions 104 Assembly technology 109 Assembly aids 116 ORDER INFORMATION Connection cable with 2-way adapter Piece L Art. no. 600 F121100288 1000 F121100289 1600 F121100290 2000 F121100291 7 Front buffer, spring loaded Piece Ø Front gap Art. no. 5 2.2 F121100294 5 3 F121100295 8 2.2 F121100297 8 3 F121100298 6 Power supply bracket Piece Opening/closing system Art. no. Sensomatic F121100604 5 Power supply unit Piece Opening/closing system Art. no. Sensomatic F121109970 4 Frame connector Piece Opening/closing system Art. no. Sensomatic F121100282 3 Length divider Pair Traverse length Art. no. 64 F121100283 2 Drive unit Piece Suitable for slide Art. no. Dynapro, Nova Pro F121131975 1 Power supply cable Piece Plug type Art. no. F120069767 B: Used in: North and Central America, Japan F120069760 E: Used in: France, Belgium, Slovakia and Tunisia, F: Used in: Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Spain F120069761 G: Used in: UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong F120069766 J: Used in: Switzerland and Lichtenstein F120069765 K: Used in: Denmark and Greenland F120069763 8