Vionaro V8. Slim Drawer System.

88   Opening Systems WITH THE SENSOMATIC TOUCH-ACTIVATED AUTOMATIC SYSTEM, A GENTLE TAP IS ALL THAT IS NEEDED TO SET REGULAR AND POT DRAWERS IN MOTION. MECHANICAL TAPPING OR PULLING IS CONVERTED INTO AN ELECTRICAL SIGNAL, WHICH STARTS THE MOVEMENT WITHIN A FEW FRACTIONS OF A SECOND. SMOOTH, PRECISE AND ELEGANT AT THE SAME TIME. SENSOMATIC IS AN INTERACTIVE MOVEMENT SYSTEM FOR MAXIMUM EASE OF USE AND FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT. Action. Reaction. Interaction. To enable you to test the special properties of Sensomatic yourself, we also supply the electro-mechanical opening system as a practical single set. Sensomatic can be triggered across the entire front surface by lightly tapping or pulling, even with large, high fronts, and sets drawers in motion smoothly and elegantly. Comfort System for handle-free opening.