Vionaro V8. Slim Drawer System.

86 Page references  ORDER INFORMATION Vionaro V8 Clip for divider railing Piece: Left or right Ice Stone Zircon F138138197 F138138195 F138138198 3 Vionaro V8 Divider railing for cutting to length Piece L Ice Stone Zircon 1150 F138139591 F138139565 F138139604 2 Vionaro V8 Divider railing Piece KB Ice Stone Zircon 250 F138139579 F138139553 F138139592 300 F138139580 F138139554 F138139593 350 F138139581 F138139555 F138139594 400 F138139582 F138139556 F138139595 450 F138139583 F138139557 F138139596 500 F138139584 F138139558 F138139597 550 F138139585 F138139559 F138139598 600 F138139586 F138139560 F138139599 800 F138139587 F138139561 F138139600 900 F138139588 F138139562 F138139601 1000 F138139589 F138139563 F138139602 1200 F138139590 F138139564 F138139603 1 Longitudinal divider railing Piece L Ice Stone Zircon 100 F138141090 F138141089 F138141091 4 VIONARO V8 Divider railing and longitudinal divider Drawer sides 14 Slides 30 Inset panels 40 Steel back panels 54 Sensomatic 89 Assembly technology 109 Assembly aids 116 3 1 2 4 • Divider railing for all Vionaro V8 regular and pot drawers • Easy assembly by mounting on the drawer side • Can be retrofitted at any time • Tool-free adjustment