Vionaro V8. Slim Drawer System.

66 Page references  VIONARO V8 Accessories Drawer sides 14 Slides 30 Inset panels 40 Steel back panels 54 Technical information 68 Organising systems 77 Sensomatic 89 Assembly technology 109 Assembly aids 116 DOWEL FRONT STABILISER Ø L Colour Material Art. no. 5 mm 12 mm Plastic L Ø F138141422 DOWEL FRONT HOLDER Ø L Colour Material Art. no. 5 mm 12 mm Plastic L Ø F138141421 SCREW FOR 8 MM BACK PANEL Ø L Øh Material Internal drive Art. no. 4.2 mm 7.5 mm 7 mm Steel Z2 L Øh Ø F138139696 FRONT-BOTTOM PANEL CONNECTOR FOR WOOD FRONTS Description Suitable for cabinet width Art. no. • For wide drawers • Thanks to the ball joint, the alignment of the front can also be adjusted when the front-bottom panel connector is mounted 8 12.5 16 1.5 x 45° 21 Ø 8 Ø 15 8 X 13 Ø 10 FR B From 600 mm: 1 piece (Vionaro V8), From 600 mm: 1 piece (Vionaro V13), From 800 mm: 1 piece (Nova Pro) F148026744 INSET DRAWER CATCH Description Colour Art. no. • Inset drawer catch for opening the inset drawers simultaneously with the pot drawer • Push-button release Stone F102109714 Ice F102132043