Vionaro V8. Slim Drawer System.

64 Page references  ORDER INFORMATION Vionaro V8 Sink back panel clip Zircon Piece Zircon Zircon Left Right F138140429 F138140430 1 Vionaro V8 Sink back panel clip Stone Piece Stone Stone Left Right F138140415 F138140416 1 Vionaro V8 Sink back panel clip Ice Piece Ice Ice Left Right F138141394 F138141395 1 VIONARO V8 Sink drawer with low back panel Drawer sides 20 Slides 30 Accessories 66 Technical information 68 Organising systems 77 Sensomatic 89 Assembly technology 109 Assembly aids 116 • Sink back panel clip for Vionaro V8 H200 • Enables the quick and easy production of drawers with recess for under-sink plumbing and rectangular wooden back panel - no special cutting needed • Colour coordinated with all Vionaro V8 drawer sides