Vionaro V8. Slim Drawer System.

46 Page references  ORDER INFORMATION Vionaro V8 Cross profile for inset panel Crystal, S18 Piece KB Ice Stone Zircon 300 F138140121 F138139724 F138140123 350 F138140122 F138139725 F138140124 400 F138139286 F138139268 F138139295 450 F138139287 F138139269 F138139296 500 F138139288 F138139270 F138139297 550 F138139289 F138139271 F138139298 600 F138139290 F138139272 F138139299 800 F138139291 F138139273 F138139300 900 F138139292 F138139274 F138139301 1000 F138139293 F138139275 F138139302 1200 F138139294 F138139276 F138139303 2 Vionaro V8 Divider railing for inset panel Crystal, S18 Piece KB Ice Stone Zircon 300 F138140153 F138139726 F138140155 350 F138140154 F138139727 F138140156 400 F138139360 F138139342 F138139369 450 F138139361 F138139343 F138139370 500 F138139362 F138139344 F138139371 550 F138139363 F138139345 F138139372 600 F138139364 F138139346 F138139373 800 F138139365 F138139347 F138139374 900 F138139366 F138139348 F138139375 1000 F138139367 F138139349 F138139376 1200 F138139368 F138139350 F138139377 1 Vionaro V8 Clip with pre-assembled front holder and front stabiliser for inset panel Crystal Piece Assembly position Ice Stone Zircon Left F138140211 F138139379 F138139384 Right F138140212 F138139380 F138139385 3 Front-bottom panel connector for inset panel Piece Suitable for cabinet width Art. no. From 600 mm: 1 piece (Vionaro V13), From 600 - 800 mm: 1 piece (Vionaro V8), From 800 - 1200 mm: 2 pieces (Vionaro V8) F136118025 7 Vionaro V8 Foam rubber for Crystal inset panel Piece Length Art. no. 40 F138140237 6 Screw for Vionaro V8 inset panel Crystal Piece Nominal diameter x screw length Art. no. 3 x 30 F138138907 5 Vionaro V8 Cover caps for inset panel Crystal Piece: Left or right Assembly position Ice Stone Zircon Left or right F138138903 F138138902 F138138905 4 VIONARO V8 Inset panel Crystal for inset drawer H200 and Crystal, S18 Drawer sides 14 Slides 30 Individual components 52 Steel back panels 60 Organising systems 77 Sensomatic 89 Assembly technology 109 Assembly aids 116 1 3 2 4 5 7 6 • Slim 8 mm design on all sides • Proportions adapted to suit the V8 Crystal drawer sides • Colour-coordinated front panel profile • Perfect for tall cabinets • Slide-in element 5 mm • No need to machine the slide-in elements • Same dimensions as standard drawers (inside depth) Notice: • When using glass slide-in elements, we recommend single-pane safety glass (ESG); please refer to national and international safety standards • Front-bottom panel connector recommended for KB 600 mm and above