Vionaro V8. Slim Drawer System.

34 Page references  ORDER INFORMATION Dynapro full extension slide 30 kg Soft-close for bathroom furniture Piece NL 30 kg 30 kg Left Right 270 F130136512 F130136513 300 F130136515 F130136516 350 F130136518 F130136519 400 F130136521 F130136522 1 Dynapro Tipmatic Soft-close For bathroom furniture Set: Activator, Unit Type of assembly Art. no. To clip-on F134134422 3 Front locking device 2D Piece Adjustable Left Right 2D F138141747 F138141748 2 Synchronisation rod for Dynapro Tipmatic Soft-close page 36 4 Dynapro Tipmatic Soft-close Individual components Set: Left, Right Product type Art. no. Activator F134109325 Unit F134134423 DYNAPRO TIPMATIC SOFT-CLOSE Full extension slide 30 kg for bathroom furniture Drawer sides 14 Inset panels 40 Steel back panels 54 Accessories 66 Technical information 74 Organising systems 77 Assembly technology 109 Assembly aids 118 1 2 3 4 • Mechanical opening system with low closing force for light and narrow drawers with handle-free fronts • Combines Tipmatic function with Soft-close damper • Tool-free installation of the Tipmatic Soft-close unit • Can be used with Dynapro full extension slide 30 kg Soft-close • 3-stage adjustment of the opening force • Large activation zone due to synchronisation rod • Can also be used for wooden drawers • Tool-free 3D adjustment facility: - Height adjustment +2.5/-1 mm - Side adjustment ±1.5 mm - Front gap adjustment +3/-1 mm (via Tipmatic Soft-close unit)