Vionaro V8. Slim Drawer System.

20 Page references  ORDER INFORMATION Vionaro V8 Drawer sides H200 Zircon Piece NL Zircon Zircon Left Right 270 F138137422 F138137423 300 F138137425 F138137426 350 F138137428 F138137429 400 F138137431 F138137432 450 F138137434 F138137435 500 F138137437 F138137438 550 F138137440 F138137441 600 F138137443 F138137444 650 F138137446 F138137447 1 Vionaro V8 Drawer sides H200 Ice Piece NL Ice Ice Left Right 270 F138137395 F138137396 300 F138137398 F138137399 350 F138137401 F138137402 400 F138137404 F138137405 450 F138137407 F138137408 500 F138137410 F138137411 550 F138137413 F138137414 600 F138137416 F138137417 650 F138137419 F138137420 1 Vionaro V8 Drawer sides H200 Stone Piece NL Stone Stone Left Right 270 F138137341 F138137342 300 F138137344 F138137345 350 F138137347 F138137348 400 F138137350 F138137351 450 F138137353 F138137354 500 F138137356 F138137357 550 F138137359 F138137360 600 F138137362 F138137363 650 F138137365 F138137366 1 Vionaro V8 Branding clip Piece: Left or right Design Ice Stone Zircon With GRASS Logo F138139547 F138139545 F138139548 2 1D depth adjustment for 2D front locking device Type of assembly Left, Right Left Right To clip-on F134108957 F134108958 F134108959 Front locking device 2D Piece Adjustable Left Right 2D F138141747 F138141748 5 Vionaro V8 Front stabiliser Piece Ø Type of assembly Art. no. 5 For expanding F138139692 4 Vionaro V8 Front holder Piece: Left or right Ø Mounting material Art. no. 5 Expansion dowel (pre-mounted) F138139691 3 VIONARO V8 Pot drawer H200 Slides 30 Inset panels 42 Steel back panels 60 Accessories 66 Technical information 70 Organising systems 77 Sensomatic 89 Assembly technology 109 Assembly aids 116 • High, closed drawer side • Slim 8 mm drawer design • No plastic parts, 100 % recyclable • Same front connection as H250 and Crystal drawer side • 4-dimensional adjustment • Integrated side, height and tilt adjustment. Depth adjustment optional • Straight inside surfaces and narrow installation width ensure optimal utilisation of space • Sturdy construction and high degree of stability • No need to machine the bottom panel Notice: • Inside drawer depth varies depending on the thickness of the back panel • Front-bottom panel connector recommended for KB 600 mm and above (see accessories)